Online debate: Energy Regulation in Times of Disruptive Innovation

Last modified: March 4, 2019

Monday 4 March 2019

Innovation is not only affecting the choice of technology but also the economics of the electricity industry, the business models and potentially the whole organization of the sector.

Higher (pro-active) participation of consumers and decreasing scale economies (in generation or/and storage) will change the role of network and traditional organization of the sector (centralized with flows from generation to consumers). To benefit from the opportunities of the transformation it is imperative to adapt regulations and policy accordingly.

The first online debate leading up to the FSR Global Forum discusses the topic of energy regulation in times of disruptive innovation.


Laurent Schmitt | ENTSO-E

Michelle Hallack | FSR

Massimo Ricci | ARERA


Jean- Michel Glachant | Florence School of Regulation

An open discussion will follow.


The recording will be soon available!